“We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat.”

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One great tragedy of COVID-19 is that for a generation of people, the two most formative societal events they lived through are the 2008 recession and the COVID-19 pandemic. It may have been 12-plus years ago, but those who came of age amid financial devastation have now found that the light at the end of the tunnel just ran out of batteries. The year 2008 didn’t have social distancing, government lockdowns and an infectious disease affecting day-to-day life. Society and the legal community are now playing a different ball game, except now we’re all blindfolded and six feet apart…

Not a Boomer, and this advice is A-OK (From someone about 2 hours under the average person’s screen time)

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Our phones, years ago, have entered the pantheon of “Things I Don’t Think I Spend That Much Time On But I Actually Do”. Television, video games, Youtube and Youtube, it is easy to underestimate how much time we spend on our phones. Productivity software company RescueTime found that the average person uses their phone 3 hours and 15 minutes a day.

Even with the advent of screen time, I have talked to many fellow digital natives who pour battery acid on their shoulder instead of look at the amount of time they spend on their phone. …

100 Productivity Emails Don’t Make You 100x More Productive


10 Daily Steps to A 6 Pack!

How to Not Sleep, Drink and Chain Smoke your way to 100 Years!

5 Penny Stocks that will 100%, Absolutely, This Is Not A Scam, Give Me A Copy of Your Driver’s License, Make YOU A BILLIONAIRE!

The Internet is the world’s information superhighway, and like most highways have too many cars, the internet has too much info. Every corner you go around, there are promises for laughs, guarantees of productivity, and formulas for a level of creativity beyond what you’ve ever reached.

Most of it’s bullshit. It took me a long time…

The Beauty of Website Testing, No Coding Skills Required


Hi there, my name is Warren and I am a young millennial dealing with the high cost of living. (Shout out to Toronto)

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to have paid off my student debt for undergrad, as I was fortunate to have a decent paying job, and fortunate enough to live with my parents to save on living expenses. Any ladies interested in a man living in his parent’s basement? I bet the answer is yes!!

Unfortunately, like most people in my generation, even a large milestone such as paying off my student debt is under…

A Valedictorian Speech

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After 4 years of working for claps and eating cheap ramen noodles to afford $5 a month tuition, hundreds of thousands are dressed in graduation gowns for Medium University’s 2019 convocation. A podium is onlooking a crowd of eager faces, ready to get out into the world and spread the gospel of productivity hacks and well written emotional confessionals. 2019’s Valedictorian steps up to the podium, and opens his mouth:

Hello, Class of 2019! And as soon as I greet you, I must bid adieu to something else: Mediocrity.

We all know what Mediocrity is…

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How Consequential is Sports Fandom?

“I’ve never met, will probably never meet Kawhi — but I consider him a good friend.”

-Me in a delirious post title haze

Imagine being the last picked in elementary school. The thought is nauseating, isn’t it?

Being the last picked is a feeling that is only second to knowing you will be last picked. The lead up to the result is worse than actually being the last one standing: you watch as one by one others leave the line, solidying your place on the inferiority totem pole, the number of people being picked down…

In Order of Increasing Difficulty

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I’m from the Greater Toronto Area, and when I’m not listening to Drake, calling the haters Hosers or bathing my pet polar bear in maple syrup, I like to read articles. A few months ago, I came across an article by Rena Wang that gave a wonderful Venture Capital profile of Toronto.

I resonated with the article because the Start-Up scene in Ontario is a world that I found myself immersed in the past few months. I was involved in a venture that was a part of a couple accelerators and received a (very) small amount of funding. It was…

A Crash Course for the Uninitiated

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“Millennial” is a buzzword that the media just loves to hop on. It seems that every news source strives to shed a light on something as peculiar and revolutionary as the foreign concept of a “new generation”. Through my perspective as a millennial, I’d love to give everyone insight into our mating patterns:

1.We have a test to determine who wears the “Pants” in the relationship: It’s the 21st Century, and Millennials believe in equality. It doesn’t matter what gender you are or who you’re attracted to; either one, or both of you, can be the breadwinner and bring home…

And other thoughts about graduating

*It’s midnight, a phone screen flickers with a message notification from “Warren”. The University of Western Ontario is about to go to sleep, dressed in purple pajamas, like the colour of the room’s wallpaper. Underneath the bed is a cardboard box filled with a menagerie of alcohol bottles, cause you know, Western*

Warren: U up?

*No response for 13 minutes*

Warren: Adult life’s not the same without you and I want you back. Come thru 1 time b

Western: *Sends stop sign emoji, turn off phone*

Lately, the University of Western Ontario (not Western University #notmyrebrand) is something I’ve been…

Follow these 4, and you don’t need anything else

Photo thanks to Joel Carter: https://www.pexels.com/u/joel-carter-53083/

Finite romantic relationships, like the totality of reality, are a lot like a night of binge drinking:

  1. The start of the night: Similar to the beginning of the romantic courting process. You haven’t really done much in terms of drinking, but you’re just excited about the possibilities of how the night can go. Perhaps you’re a bit too optimistic.
  2. The “High Point”: The honeymoon phase. The part of the night where you’ve had a few shots that should have been temporally spaced out more, but you’re feeling great (and slightly delusional). Yes, you can dunk that basketball even though you…

Warren Urquhart

Future 1st Overall NBA Draft Pick. Past Consultant, Current Law Student. Hit me up at warrenurquhart95@gmail.com

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